HeeChan is one of Second Life's premier models. She has been photographed by some of the most elite 
photographers and is known for her exotic style, and composure.

Athena is the founder of Second Life's Leading magazine, "Attention." The Staff of Attention Magazine,
design a brand that features models, locations, and information regarding a myriad of events  in Second Life. 

Motto: "If you can do it in SecondLife™ and it's not a violation of the Terms of Service, we want to cover it."

Whimsical Aristocrat
  Whims, is the cover editor and lead photographer of "Attention," magazine. Whims, without dispute,
 is one of the most creative photographers, in the Second Life genre. She continuously displays her ability to
make use of Second Life photography, into an art form that even the most discerning real life artist can appreciate.

 Whimsical's Flickr

Kisses Karu
Kisses, aka Brat, is one of the newest models to grace Second Life. She has taken the Second Life modeling by storm.  She has won numerous awards, and is one of the most sought after models, and photographers.  Her photography portrays sensuality, mixed in with a little of the brattiness, that defines who she is.

Jodi Sharple
Jodie Sharple is one of the most eclectic photographers in Second Life. Her style ranges from a simple sophisticated ensemble, to sizzling pinup shoots that make her followers come back for more. She often features models on her blog, which represent her vision of fashion.

Arienne Evangeline
Arienne is fast becoming one of Second Life's premier film, and photography models. Her flickr represents her development as a photographer. She is bold, and constantly developing her craft. She is not afraid to venture into all areas of modeling and photography.

Envy Watts
Envy is, and has been one of the staples of Second Life modeling and photography since the early years.  She continuously pushes the envelop in style, and eroticism.

Kat Capello
Kat can best be described as that "All American,"girl. Her flickr represents the many facets of who she is. She has been the nurturing woman, but at a moments notice, she will turn the world upside down, and become the quintessential bad ass. 

Rachel Avro
Rachel has been modeling for years. She has appeared in many magazines, movies, and photo shoots.  She is a very sensuous person that places emotion at the forefront of the art she creates. She is currently an assistant with Filthy Penny productions.  

Gaea Dαηιςk-Oαкιєαƒ 
If one were to take cursory glance at Gaea, they would probably view her as the girl next door. This is a mistake that people often make. Looking a little deeper, one finds out that she is a little vixxen, with an incredible imagination. Gaea, has been an erotic story narrator for years. Those that have been fortunate to hear her, have described her as, "en fuego."

Gaea's Flickr 
"Seraphim Project" By Addison Summerwind 
 Photo by Mark Steiner

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